There is no reason the United States should not be energy independent in 10 years. With the known reserves of fossil fuels in the United States and the advances in technology that will allow for developing market-viable alternative energy sources, this nation, with its neighbors to the north and south, should be the epicenter of energy production in the world.

The effects on our economy of gaining energy independence would be immediate and long-lasting. The trade balance, a significant factor in measuring our Gross Domestic Product, would move from the negative side of the ledger to the positive side. Our current reliance on oil from countries that are hostile to the United States would be eliminated. World geopolitics would be significantly more stable and Americans would have to worry a great deal less about having to police the world.

Energy independence includes expanding and exploiting every form of energy from that found underground to all available sources found above ground, as well. Wind, solar, nuclear and bio-fuels should be further cultivated to balance energy sources and to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.