National Security

The top priority of any government is the protection of its citizens. Today, we Americans enjoy the protection of the greatest military force ever assembled. We continue to attract into our armed services the very best young men and women who sacrifice so much to make sure we are safe. My father was a veteran. I am a veteran and my son and daughter-in-law are veterans. The military holds a special place in my life and in the fabric of American society. I was honored to have served this nation and will, as a Senator, work tirelessly to ensure our military forces have the best equipment and training available.

Today, we face a staggering economy. Through the ill-conceived sequestration apparatus in place today, we are taking half of the required spending cuts out of the Department of Defense. There is little we can do about the sequestration structure now, but as a Senator, I would fight to make sure that our military readiness received top priority. I have been through this type of budget manipulation before (twice) while I was on active duty. Each time, we were able to hold on to maximum readiness while making effective cuts in spending. Military readiness must be maintained at its highest levels. This must be the top priority in national defense.

If we conserve our resources and ensure our readiness, we must be prudent in the application of this mighty force. American blood and treasure should never be invested in nation-building. We should only ask our military to protect national interests.