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Types of Workers Compensation Benefits


There are different types of benefits that injured employees receive from the worker’s compensation board. These benefits are meant to relieve him or her for the loss he or she has incurred while working with the company. There are laws that govern the compensation of the workers, and each law should be adhered to with the help of an attorney.

The benefits differ from state to state depending on the laws that run the workers’ compensation board. Also, check out on the Workers compensation settlements Louisiana. The following are some of the benefits that a worker can receive when he or she has been injured in the line of work.

Medical coverage

assisting patientThis is the basic element of compensation worker can get from the workers’ compensation board. The medical coverage applies to all the medical costs the worker will go through until he or she is fully recovered.

The charges that are covered range from the doctor’s visit, hospital care physical therapy among other procedures the injured worker will go through. The medical coverage is usually not limited to any deductibles.

Managed care

In some states, employees or their worker’s compensation insurers are allowed to benefit under the managed care plan. A managed care plan includes some features. First, there is a provider network where groups of doctors who have contracted with the insurer are asked to provide medical services to the worker at a discount.

Secondly, utilization management deals with ensuring the type of medical care afforded by the worker is appropriate and cost-effective. Lastly, the pharmacy benefit manager contacts with some pharmacies or any drug manufacturer to obtain the discount.

Disability benefit

This is intended to replace the wages of an employee when he is unable to report back to work. The worker receives a portion of the wages, usually 2/3 of the wage, not the full amount. There are different categories of disabilities that determine the number of wages the injured worker will get upon his healing process.

Disability payments

The number of funds the injured worker receives will depend on the type of disability that one suffers. Most disabilities are the temporal ones, and the coverage is subject to the period of waiting until the worker recovers.

The benefits are only provided only when the worker extends beyond the waiting period that is set by the company. The common disabilities include the temporary total, temporary partial, permanent total and permanent partial. These categories are compensated differently.


patient and medical staffSome states provide this benefit in the world where they provide a type of vocational rehabilitation to their workers who are not able to return to their previous jobs due to severe injuries in their line of work. For those workers who are mentally affected in the workplace, they are provided with psychological rehabilitation.


In case a worker dies while he or she is working or participating in any job-related activity, the beneficiaries are always compensated. The beneficiaries may include the worker’s spouse, children or any other person who was a dependent to the worker. The burial costs are also covered.…

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